Welcome to this website, associated to the following paper in Molecular Ecology:

Characterizing species history and identifying loci underlying local adaptation is crucial in functional ecology, evolutionary biology, conservation and agronomy. However, during my (short) time in evolutionary biology, I often had a hard time actually finding the right tool for analysing my datasets. I decided to try giving a hand to those who, like me, find overwhelming the number of methods dedicated to the analysis of genomic data.

At this stage, this website is mostly a collection of tables and links to websites where you can download the software you are interested in, but I hope this can grow and benefit from your feedback.
If you want to propose your favorite method, or edit this list, simply email me at yann.x.c.bourgeois@gmail.com or yann.bourgeois@port.ac.uk and I will make the edit.
You can also visit my personal website if you have some time. I also try to use my Twitter account to retweet recent methodological advances, so you can have a look at it to find methods that may not yet be on this website.
Good luck!